Project Planning and Management

We provide services to clients for project planning and management from a project’s inception to conclusion.  This includes the full spectrum of activities from conceptual planning, traffic analysis and forecasting, economic analysis, evaluation of the competition, community impact and environmental assessment. We provide services through the steps of community consultation and communications, management of environmental impact assessment, government relations and regulatory requirements.  Examples include port development, marine terminal development, airport expansion, new service development, and environmental projects.

Community Relations and Communications

We provide services for clients to enhance the effectiveness of their communications with interested communities:   customers, vendors and suppliers, residents and non-government organizations.  This includes:  identifying  target audiences, including the media, and developing strategies to gain their support for our clients’ objectives.

Government Relations

We work with clients to design a program of activities aimed at fostering a positive relationship with government officials and political leaders.  Through briefings, meetings and site visits, with all levels of government – local, state/province and national we raise the level of awareness and understanding of our clients’ regulatory issues.   To address specific regulatory concerns we develop a strategic plan for effective advocacy including the preparation of written and oral presentations, the development of alliances, and relations with the media.

Some Examples

•   Airport  expansion projects in a number of regional airports in BC
•   Management of airport operations
•   Environmental management and regulations related to the cruise sector in Canada and the US
•   Security regulations and screening operations
•   Tax issues
•   Health and safety regulations in shipping
•   Marine pilotage
•   Cross border issues
•   Canadian and US coasting trade and cabotage regulations